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Wild Thailand is a Thai landrace preserved and sold by World of Seeds. Buy wild thai marijuana.

This 100% sativa landrace hails from the Ko Chang archipelago and offers consumers rich citrus flavors and exhilarating physical effects. Order wild thai marijuana.

Its flowers are dressed in bright orange hairs and a thick white coat of trichomes that contrasts dramatically against the deep emerald hue of the foliage. wild thai weed shop.

Wild Thailand is profoundly stimulating and should be avoided by those prone to anxiety.

But for consumers looking for dizzying euphoria and stimulating physical effects through-and-through, Wild Thailand is the strain for you.




PTS Sativa strain has a large amount of orange hairs and a thick white coat of crystals.

It tastes like berry and has a sweet finish. The effect is typical of strong sativa strains.

It is very stimulating. buy wild thai marijuana

Uplifting and intensely cerebral but not racy.

A bouquet of spring floral notes with what I though was a slight background of chocolate. Wild thai cannabis shop.

A bit longer lasting than typical sativas with a very fast onset and slower come down. Very exotic.


Bought this as a wax, my first wax actually! I actually am prone to anxiety.

If I’m already anxious, I dont smoke this at all. Order wild thai marijuana.

But if I’m having a neutral to great day, it’s awesome. I feel great. I get super talkative too. Love it. Wild thai for sale.


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