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Kilimanjaro is a pure sativa landrace from the mountain slopes of Tanzania, where it was originally cultivated for use in hunting and religious practice by the native population. Buy kilimanjaro marijuana online

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Tribes commonly referred to this strain as the “elephant stomper” and utilized it for its energetic, hyper effects.

Its aroma carries notes of lemony citrus and fruit, and Kilimanjaro’s tall growth makes it ideal for outdoor or greenhouse gardens.

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Energetic 68%
Happy 68%. kilimanjaro weed for sale
Uplifted 65%
Creative 52%
Focused 45%
Depression 38%. kilimanjaro marijuana for sale
Stress 36%
Anxiety 26%
Fatigue 19%
Pain 19%. Order kilimanjaro marijuana online
Dry mouth 16%
Dry eyes 9%
Dizzy 5%
Anxious 4%
Paranoid 4%. 

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North American refers to any strain that grows natively in this region.kilimanjaro weed for sale.

These indigenous vareities (also called landraces) can exhibit indica or sativa characteristics depending on the climate and latitude at which it grows.

Sativas tend to grow in warmer regions closer to the equator, while the hardier indica varieties are more common beyond 30 degrees latitude. kilimanjaro marijuana for sale.


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